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Welcome to Universal Dance Destiny and our Ministry division website.

The company and site is purely dedicated to the glory of our one and only Almighty Creator GOD.


Universal Dance Destiny is a pioneer company in dance performance and entertainment. Universal Dance Ministry is our nonprofit sister division specific for ministerial, praise, worship, and gospel singing and dance presentations. We are dedicated to serving communities world-wide while advancing the art of dancing through our experience. Here at Universal Dance Destiny & Ministry, we offer many services from dance instruction, educational performances, residencies, event entertainment, theatrical exhibits and choreography. more...

African Roads, American Streets

An energetic, heart-felt production filled with powerful movements. Be captivated by a strong mix of theater, street, and cultural performers unveling a true story through spoken word, hip hop, live drumming and African dance.

"There's lots of kinetic joy and cultural pride in this family-friendly piece"
-Camille Lefevre, Star Tribune

"Many of the dancers in this large multicultural cast are still teenagers but they move with intensity, rubber-band flexibility, and infectious joy."
-Quinton Skinner, City Pages

"Absolutely exhilarating" and "Incredibly uplifting and highly recommended for all ages."
-Lydia Howell, Pulse of the Twin Cities

Click here to see samples of our "African Roads, American Streets" show

Click here to download "African Roads, American Streets" Technical Rider

News & Upcoming Event

Twelfth Annual Winter Showcase on January 28th, 2017 was a wonderful success! Our thirteenth Showcase will be this Summer at the end of August, 2017! Email us to participate or volunteer.

Universal Dance Destiny Twelfth Annual Winter Showcase on January 28th at BWOC Fellowship Hall located at 3900 Hubbard Avenue in Robinsdale (borderline of Minneapolis) had a great turnout. The showtime was from 6:30-8PM. Early Seating was at 6PM. The next Showcase will be in August. Stay tuned to our website for more details.

We produce consecutive years of explosive and highly captivating exhibition of talent in the performing arts! Universal Dance Destiny annual showcases bring the community together by providing a platform for new and seasoned performers to present their work to a diverse audience. The environment is family-friendly at a performance arts venue.

It is defined within its high spaced and high energy dance experience designed to ignite excitement that will leave viewers talking about it to friends and families after the event. In the beginning it was centered on the foundation of Hip hop and African dance that later evolved to include other dance genres such as but not limited to: Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Folk, Latin and even featuring dancers with disabilities.
Though our emphasis is primarily dance, we include approximately two-three other performance genres adding a diversified mix overall. This can be spoken word, a recording artist, musicians, or/and a beat-boxer. The project provides a networking platform for performers to meet and be involved in an innovative quality showcase. It has also become a yearly artistic reunion for mostly students who do not get the opportunity to perform outside of their local school setting.

We strive to give all acts a performance stipend for their artistic work. Consider making a donation to this amazing event: https://www.continuetogive.com/4832536

We look forward to seeing you all at Universal Dance Destiny Summer Showcase in August of 2017!


Congrats to our Artistic Director as one of the Next Step Fund Awardees' from Mrac!

The Next Step Fund Program funded by the McKnight Foundation is designed to help attist in the 7 county metropolitian region complete a project  that will help them rise to the next level in their careers regardless of whether they are emerging artist or artist well estalished in their disciplines. Artists must have a community connection and demonstrated achievement  in their artistic field. Out of over 400 applicants, our artistic director, Edna Stevens, was one of 37 awardees. She received funding to support an intensive study of Benin traditional dance with a cultural dance and theater troupe in Nigeria. Refer to our photo gallery page to view some of the pictures from her amazing experience. Kudos Edna!

Universal Dance Destiny Ministry Updates! 

Our artistic director is planning our ministry's next Mission Trip 2018! We have had an overwhelming response from those who want to be involved. This is very exciting for us and we welcome all! To hear more about our mission trips, click on the contact us link and use "Mission Trip" in the subject heading. Our ministry does not solicit donations in order to do God’s work because we strongly believe and have seen that Almighty GOD's provision never fails. However, we do not turn down any donations toward the mission field. We privately send out letters to our supporters that have expressed interest in what is happening in this globally ministry.

If you wish to be a blessing to us and hear more about how to get involved with our ministry, feel welcomed to do so with the 'Click to Donate' red link on the bottom of the 'About Us' page on this site. It will take you to our continuetogive.com donation campaign. We appreciate it and thank you very much. We want to encourage you that GOD can use anyone and to NEVER feel less then the beautiful soul GOD created you to be. Blessings always...

Matthew 19:26King James Version (KJV)

"26 But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."

Wedding Service

We help betrothed couples in planning their big day without the stress! We offer:

* Choreograph and teach you and your partner a flawless first dance for your reception

* Choreographed entrance using song/music selection of your choice for entire bridal party (down the aisle at the wedding ceremony or to enter reception hall)

Volunteers/Internship/Board Candidates: 

Send resume and cover letter of interest to info@universaldancedestiny.com.

Workshops/Residencies/Performances/Educational Dance Curriculum/After School Programs/Private Lessons 

Read about two educational dance performance presentations on the "Lessons" page of this website.


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"The troupe is fantastic and I would enthusiastically recommend them for any gathering of people who are twelve, and up to eighty-five. One aspect that I really liked about Edna and her team was that they listened to me. She put together a show that was educational, had a great combination of break dancing, beat boxing and popping, and had some breathtaking moves. She combined having her team perform stunning moves, with demonstrations with the kids. She even provided a historical context, which many of us found highly interesting." -Peter Shapiro


Click here to check out the video clips from our performance of "African Roads, American Streets" at Michigan Technological University.





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We hope that you enjoy our website, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.