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Universal Dance Destiny -About us

About Us
Universal Dance Destiny is a dance performance and entertainment company offering a variety of dance educational presentations, master classes, workshops, residencies in primarily traditional west African dance with live drumming accompaniment and contemporary African dance to upbeat African music. Selected company members and special guest instructors on our roster teach classes and special workshops in African drumming, Latin dances, Hip hop, Breaking (using kid-friendly music for youth groups) and wedding dance choreography. Our ministry division specialize in praise dance presentations. To book either groups or one of our skilled instructors, email us at or submit your request on the "Contact Us" page.

Our Mission
Our mission is to connect people of all communities through the history, meaning, and movement of dance. We believe demonstrating the value of cultural diversity fosters appreciation for various cultures through the performing arts. We strive to inspire individuals - especially youth - to discover their inner talent, confidence and style.

Non-Profit 501C3 Organization

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