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Past Events (Archive)

African Roads, American Streets


UDD 14th Annual Winter Showcase


UDD 13TH Annual Winter Showcase

13th Showcase correction 

UDD 12th Annual Winter Showcase 

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Universal Dance Destiny 12th Showcase 

UDD 11th Annual Winter Showcase 

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UDD 10th Annual Winter Showcase

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 UDD 9th Annual Winter Showcase 

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2014 Holiday Showcase 

Our 2nd Annual Gala- 'A white Celebration of Abundance Blessings' was a blessed success! Thanks to all our friends, families, and supporters that attended!

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Our Annual Holiday Showcase was a blessed success this past January 31, 2013! We are thankful it has lasted for eight years! We want to thank all the amazing performance acts that participated throughout the years!

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 UDD 1st Annual Black Tie Dinner and Silent Auction Benefit Gala was a huge success!!!

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Black tie Benefit Gala
Click here for flyer

Universal Dance Destiny Black Tie Dinner and Silent Auction Benefit Gala on August 31, at Juxtaposition Arts Inc. in Minneapolis had a successful turnout! We thank all our guests, families, friends, supporters, and company members for being a part of this celebratory event that will go down in history!

UDD Black Tie Dinner & Silent Auction Benefit Gala included Social Hour, Wine, Silent Auction, Dinner and Entertainment! We thank all the businesses and sponsors for their generous donations, the artist that donated their pieces in our silent aution and the restauranst that donated a dish or dessert. All monetary proceeds support the development of UDD Arts and Culture Programs initiatives. Our Sponsor list included Juxtaposition Arts Inc, Books for Africa/Thomas Reuters, McDonalds (West Broadway Branch), Cub Foods (West Broadway Branch), Source-Fallout Arts Initiative, Simba Craftware, Safari Express, Twin Oaks Realty, Bottle Stop Liquors, Salty Tart Bakery, African Deli, Oya Wines, Worth Photo's Photography, and Faith Focus Flash (see photo gallery for logo's).

 UDD 7th Annual Holiday Showcase

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UDD 6th Annual Holiday Showcase

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UDD 5th Annual Holiday Showcase

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UDD 5th Annual Flyer 

UDD 2009 Summer Dance Intensive Camp
We would like to congratulate all the students that took the classes and participated in the culminating Dance Showcase on August 30th! The purpose of the camp is to allow students the opportunity to further their artistic and creative ability through the exploration of taking different types of dance classes that they haven't tried before. Every Summer the Camp will invite well known and experienced instructors to come in and work with the students. A final piece is performed at the end in order for students to showcase their accomplishments. This Summer we presented Modern/Jazz Techniques, Lyrical Combination (Carrie Homuth) and Belly Dance (Alexandra A. Owings). Next summer we will offer different genres of dance. Stay tuned to be connected. We would like to thank both Carrie and Alex for teaching their skills, choreographing and performing with the students at UDD.

Bio: Alexandra A. Owings, dance instructor
Alexandra is a belly dancer and instructor in the metro area. She has explored the art of belly dance since she was sixteen and she continues to develop her skills by teaching, taking classes, and studying Middle Eastern culture and dance. She has been a student for several years and an instructor/choreographer for over two years. She loves the sensuality and confidence that belly dance brings to her and her students. Currently, she is choreographing several dances, one of which will be performed in Las Vegas this September. Happy Shimmying!

Bio: Carrie Homuth, dance instructor
Carrie Homuth is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point dance program and is currently working as a choreographer/dance educator throughout the Twin Cities. She has been the Director of Dance for Eagan High School and Director/Assistant Director of dance for Apple Valley High School the past 3 years. In 2004, Carrie co-founded Metro Academy of Dance Education in Apple Valley, where she served as Assistant Director for 4 years. Carrie has been a guestchoreographer multiple times for the Zenon School Block E Scholarship Program. She has also recently choreographed for the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis, Phipps Center of the Arts in Hudson, WI, and The Space - Center for Creativity in New Richmond, WI. The summer of 2007, Carrie performed in Cathy Wright's "Return", part of the Momentum dance series and voted the Best of 2007 by the Star Tribune. She is very excited to be bringing her dance style to Universal Dance Destiny.


 UDD 4th Annual Holiday Showcase (view and print flier - PDF)
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2008 Holiday Showcase

UDD 3rd Annual Holiday Showcase  (view and print flier - .PDF)
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2007 Holiday Showcase

UDD 2007 Fringe Show Fundraiser

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UDD 2007 Fringe Show 'The Spiritual Battle'

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African Roads, American Streets Fringe Encore at the Guthrie
Click here to read Fringe Encore at the Guthrie press release

Fringe encore at the Guthrie 

African Roads, American Streets at the Guthrie Theater
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Fringe show 2007; African Roads, American Streets!

Graphic Design by Edna Stevens of Universal Dance Destiny 

Fringe show 2007: African Roads, American Streets

Some Reviews: 

... I reviewed your beautiful performance in PULSE Newspaper, the AUGUST 9th edition. It was part of my round up on the Fringe Fest.

Thanks for putting me on your media list.

I saw a LOT of stuff at the Fringe this year--but, NOTHING made me feel as hopeful about humanity or just glad to be alive, as African Roads, American Street.

Keep on keeping on!

Lydia Howell

"Can't keep your body still" by Nadine Sehnert: Wonderful drumming and other beats during this performance will keep you moving in your seat. You will also be invited up on the stage at the end to join in the fun - take advantage of the opportunity! Opening night was a little rocky with some technical items but "the kids can dance". How wonderful to see performers of all ages (kids to elders) in this truly multicultural show with artists of different artistic backgrounds and skill levels. Edna Stevens has a way of pulling talent into her projects so don't miss it because you never know who might show up. Enjoy!

"Go early or get reservations!" by John Armstrong: Fantastic music and dance! The beat-boxing and break-dancing segments in particular showcase some extraordinary talent that's sure to amaze and delight you. The traditional African rhythms are intoxicating and the dancing to accompany them is equally energetic. The smiles on the dancer's faces echo their movements and you can truly tell that all 35 people that perform on the stage are truly happy with the work they present. Must-see! (Posted on Aug. 3)










UDD 2nd Annual Holiday Showcase
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2006 Holiday Showcase

2007 Spring Enfinity Dance Team Dance Party

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 Fringe Fundraisers/Dance Party

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